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WEG Motion Fleet Management-Condition monitoring to your fleet

WEG launches the WEG Motion Fleet Management, a condition-based maintenance IoT solution to leverage the industrial fleet management

One of the main causes of lost productivity and profitability in the industry is unplanned production downtime! Most corrective maintenance event could be avoided if machine components and equipment we being monitored continuously (online monitoring )

With the WEG Motion Fleet Management, it is possible to know the operational status of motors and drives (inverters and soft-starters) of low and medium voltage, gearboxes, gear motors, compressors among other assets, which are applied in any type of industry or installation. Through periodic data collection and advanced data processing, both at the edge and in the cloud, valuable insights are generated. This way, it is possible to establish predictive maintenance plans, observing the operational condition of the fleet (condition-based maintenance).